An Xiao

The artist is kinda present.

Social media art.

I feel like it’s mostly a performance based art (with documenting) as most of the idea of it stems from the social interaction between the online community and the artist. So it is much more about the communication of these communities and how the communication channels have changed. I guess it is just artists using new technologies to make art, as happens always.

This work involves the real life interaction taking a backseat to the online interaction. And as a stark contrast to Abromovic’s ‘The Artist Is Present’ in the other part of the museum. It’s just a really funny artwork. I think that Abromovic is so sincere, intense and authentic that it is great that someone is just poking fun of that from the anonymity of her twitter handle.

It is interesting the way that social media, and this work, has so many layers to the interaction. The artist is present, yet totally downloaded/uploaded into her many screens. The viewer/participant sits opposite the artist and interacts via social media until they are somewhat satisfied. The viewer is involved physically, and is involved digitally, using their own digital profile/reality. While the artist is involved physically and digitally. It makes me think which is a stronger presence? People are so intwined in their digital reality that they are totally zoned out of actual reality. Its just a prefect embodiment of the digital age, especially in response to Abromovics work. Abromovic, I think is trying to do the same thing as Xiao, but Xiao’s work is just so much better and poignant (to me). I guess I have no experience of either of these works so can only use my imagination of the experience. But sometimes humour is the best way to cut through to people and that is something that Abromovic lacks in this piece.

I think it totally relates to my interest in technology as the new interface. The Abromovic work would be so filled with energy, just by looking at someone in the eye for however long brings this emotion and energy in the body.. Does science even explain this? Not sure, but i would think it would have something to do with the sensory receptors - connection is something that is being completely lost in this present day. And the importance of connection is being forgotten. I think that online communication is so empty and soulless. It is funny that the work by Abromvic is kind of a time capsule of the way people used to relate, and Xiao’s work is the way people connect now - and the difference in experience between them.

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