Marco Fusinato

The Approaching of the Disco Void – Repeated
A session musician is hired to perform John Fahey’s composition “The Approaching of the Disco Void,” a track with a prolonged interlude for improvisation. At the conclusion of the first take and without prior knowledge, the musician is asked to repeat exactly what he just played. The screen on the left shows the original take, the screen on the right shows the attempt to repeat.

The idea of repetition, the anomaly in repetition and the re-take. Two instances of an event that were attempted to be repeated in exactitude and repeated in unision. Two durational events repeated at the same time. Captures the freedom/improvisation/looseness of music.

The Approaching of the Disco Void – Repeated, 2006
Synchronised two channel video in DVD format
Duration: 03:55 minutes
Edition of 3