John Smith

The Girl Chewing Gum

This is really an amazing video about expectation, audio vs visual, cinematic illusion, and retro causality. I love this piece and it has really inspired me to think a lot more about sound in film and how it is used and how it can be misused. In my work, I have used a clip that already plays on cinematic sound expectations - using the western’s use of guitar, rattle and panning to emphasise a desolate/empty view, or a showdown (tension/climax?). Thinking about the order of sound and video; the separation between them, the reliance on each other, the tension between, the temporal order of creation and “movie magic”. This film is so simple in the way it uses time to mess with document.

(dubbing, click tracks, sound effects, Foley artists etc)

Still from  The Girl Chewing Gum , 1976

Still from The Girl Chewing Gum, 1976

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