Refik Anadol

This technology is blowing my mind. It seems like he has mapping projections and AI data making 3-dimensional structures in real space. Its hard to see through video what is projection and what is tangible. I’m very curious to find out what techniques and technology he uses.

Privileging difference rather than singularity and movement rather than stasis, Anadol faces all the new challenges that the gradual development of an enriched immersive environment and ubiquitous computing impose on architects, media artists and engineers. How is our experience of space changing, now that digital objects ranging from smart phones to urban screens have all but colonized our everyday lives? How have media technologies changed our conceptualizations of space, and how has architecture embraced these shifting conceptualizations? These are the three main questions that Anadol tackles by not simply integrating media into built forms, but by translating the logic of a new media technology into spatial design.