Bruce Nauman

Contrapposto Studies, i through vii”

Nauman revisits and updates his past work into the present with this installation. and brings something totally new to Contrappdosto studies. Using the body as subject

Manipulating time, the performance seen in a segmented multiplicity, seen both forwards and backwards, in positive and negative. 

The segmenting and multiplication of these performative durational events in a single moving image explores duration, the body and time. Also, my favourite, film’s ability to compress and manipulate time.

“Exploring the history and possibility of representation across media as well as time.” 

He also investigates the history of self-representation, of male self-representation. I find this hypocrisy across male and female representation annoying, that female representation is so loaded with other meaning that it can’t be seen without sexual/historical (etc) connotations. But male (self) representation alludes only to the meaning behind it. There is no question of sexuality, of vanity etc, it simply is what it is.