Zbigniew Rybczyncki

Tango beautifully depicts ideas about repetition, loop, filmic space/time/spacetime.

As discussed by Walden, the ‘trap’ that the loop creates is perfectly demonstrated here, however instead of the audience becoming trapped in the repetition, each character in the film becomes trapped in their own individual loops. This expands on the idea of filmic spacetime that I have been researching. Not only is the primary (single shot) and secondary (editing/montage) ideas of spacetime [Dark Energy, Skerry] played with, but also the individual timelines of the individual characters within a primary timeline - creating a third idea of spacetime.

The technical prowess of this film is outstanding, so impressive coming from a background of digital film effects that would find this difficult, let alone with analogue techniques.

I like that this is steeped in ritual the everyday, something that I am interested in my own work - especially in the evolution of this to include reliance mobile device/technology.