Annagret Soltau

I am most interested in her self portraits and self-representation. 

A tension between desexualising the sexual, sexualising the non-sexual, and the

beauty and ugliness of the female body. I feel that she presents a real representation of the feminine and self, one that is multi-faceted. She doesn’t ‘curate a digital self-image’, she literally constructs a self-image made out of the many different parts of herself (and others).

Her sewing together of the torn photographs implies craft, and domesticity, but the images are raw and ugly. She questions female representation and female self-representation, segmented female body, the ageing female body, the ugly body, making the beauty of the female figure monstrous.

For me it is important to gain more authenticity and directness through self-representation, but it is even more important, that I can go farthest with myself.”