Cindy Sherman

Selfies series

These selfies are something else. At i feel like this is the exact trajectory that my art ideas have been heading but Sherman got there first. Which I think is a good thing. Just commenting on selfie culture and using the FB technology style - made to beautify yourself - in order to make real monstrous feminine caricatures of herself. I think these are brilliant. Using Instagram as its medium(?) is perfect. It's just really simple and perfect and slightly horrifying. and the number of them is great too. Five hundred of them or more, so you get a real sense of overstimulation, oversaturation and filling up your social media feed with selfie vain clutter (again). It is dissecting this question between what is a selfie and self-portrait - and what an important person to ask that question. Is it art? I love that the images are dispersed within her regular feed. everything that is facing out is regular instagram crap, everything that is facing herself is a fucked up selfie. Like she’s only just a little obsessed with ugly self-portraits but she actually lives a real life as you can see. Her selfie obsession only started a few hundred updates ago. first one starts 124 weeks ago with ‘selfie! No filter hahaha’

This is really using the beautifying tool of that face app thingy into a weapon to make ugly, making fun of the selfie, using her history of the artist to become these internet troll characters? She is becoming the people that live for this in each of these photos - instead of the 'everywoman' in film that her untitled series produces, she is the everywoman in everyday online life. 

Is she constructing a monstrous femininity? She is becoming monstrous -And I need to understand more of Barabra Creed the monstrous-feminine to get this question… but making something that is supposed to be beautiful into something ugly - is that the monstrous feminine? Turning the expectation of beauty and self-representation being aesthetically pleasing into one of shock or horror - the opposite of aesthetically pleasing.