Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum’s tactility - the tension between the warm, inviting domesticity and the danger and consequence of materiality, powerfully expressing feminine ideas through surprising material. Installations and sculptures  using  primarily domestic and household objects, she plays with scale and tactility to create sinister connotations and messages about political/social turmoil.

“Often the work is about conflict and contradiction - and that conflict or contradiction can be within the actual object” Tate shots, 2011

Haltom’s conveyed meaning in the simple combination of objects and alteration is aspirational. She makes objects political and personal through such simple ways. I think that affect is really important in her object/sculpture work, the idea of pain and tactility that they all have is of fundamental importance.

I like this play on materiality and hope to create more tension and more of an immediate affect that visual tactility can produce.